My early paintings were very realistic, small still life paintings in fine detail.  Painting then took a backseat to my family and career. After working as a college administrator and then as a  graphic artist, I decided to take up my brushes again. I have been painting abstract expressionist paintings for over fifteen years. I  have studied with Deanna Schwartzberg and internationally known artist Rob VanderZee.

My goal, in my work, is to find the intersection point between intellect and emotion. I hope my paintings touch ideas and emotions for which there are no words.

I also believe carefully integrated color is needed to push the boundaries of thought into an emotional response to a painting.  I want my paintings to dance, to vibrate.  An intense, primary palate is where I begin; quiet restful areas give the painting balance.

The painting I begin and the painting I complete are rarely the same.  My paintings evolve on the canvas.  The give and take of the painting process is, for me, a joy.  I love the contest....the chess match...between me and the canvas.